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Isn't It Time You Had a Smart House?

Have you ever left your house, and 10 minutes into your drive, you suddenly wonder if you turned off your lights and turned down your thermostat? With home automation equipment and applications, you can check an app on your smartphone that will tell you if you did or not. You can adjust it using your phone and continue on your merry way.

Home Automation Technology Enhances Your Life

Monitoring and control is not limited to garage doors; it is also used for things like lights, heating and cooling, and appliances. Integrated Home Technologies installs and designs home automation (also called smart home) and commercial and residential surveillance camera systems in the Colorado and Arizona, area.

Accessing and controlling these systems can also be done with a wall-mounted iPad, tablet, or a computer. Many applications can even be set up to send you a notification that a door is open or a light or appliance is on for more than a designated period of time.

Shelves With Electronics

Make Your House More Secure

Surveillance systems can be similarly set up, depending on the equipment and software you choose. There are applications available that will notify you of activity at a surveillance camera. You then view the activity in real time on a device of your choosing and decide what to do about the activity. For instance, if you see that the activity is a stranger loitering around an exterior door and you also have a smart home system, you might remotely turn on an interior light and then watch to see if the person leaves the premises.

We approach home automation and surveillance services the same way we do audio and video system services, with your current setup, needs, and budget in mind. All work is performed to the same high standards and with your satisfaction in mind.